Nov 23Life of Ronnie – Volume 1 now available!
Feb 14Knock Knock
Feb 7Bordering on TMI
Jan 31Elementary
Jan 27Family Peanut Gallery
Jan 24I don’t hear it, eh?
Jan 20Chatlog
Jan 17The Journey Begins
Jan 13When pigs… well, you know.
Jan 10An Unexpected Answer


Nov 18Postprandial Somnolence
Nov 15Wakey-Wakey
Nov 11All-Nighter
Nov 8Movember Reign
Nov 4Night Shift
Nov 1Covert Dessert
Oct 28HallowGeek
Oct 25Giants vs. Rangers: Baseball for Nerds
Oct 21It’s Been a While
Oct 18Old Geeks
Oct 14Days of Future Present
Oct 11Ask a Canadian: Turducken?
Oct 7Also Acceptable: Elevenses
Oct 4Meager Seniority Strikes Again
Sep 30Marketing Geniuses
Sep 27Think Outside the Bun
Sep 23The Good Fight
Sep 20Canis lupus, I mean.
Sep 16Release
Sep 13For Squares
Sep 9Bird is the Word
Sep 6Whale Wars
Sep 2Crazy Is As Crazy Does
Aug 30She’s No Luddite
Aug 26Devil’s Music
Aug 23Come What May
Aug 19Fit For a King
Aug 16The Parent Trap
Aug 12Traditions
Aug 9Sweet Jiminy Christmas
Aug 5Traditionally Attired
Aug 2The Uncanny Valley
Jul 29Pants Suck
Jul 26House Call
Jul 22Reaction
Jul 19Ridiculous
Jul 15After-Party
Jul 12Private Function
Jul 8It’s Not What it Looks Like
Jul 5Coin Slot?
Jul 1Ask a Canadian: Canada Day
Jun 28Cooler
Jun 24Synonymous
Jun 21Daddy Day, 1980
Jun 17Awkward Pause
Jun 14Take THAT!
Jun 10I Can’t Believe That Worked
Jun 7Stupid Hippies
Jun 3This Isn’t Working Out
May 31Doddery Dare
May 27Bork! Bork! Bork!
May 24Spin-Off
May 20A Mean Tambourine
May 17Twist My Arm, Why Don’t Ya?
May 13Snuffed
May 10Drew’d For You Special!
May 6Telepunching
May 3When You’re Right, You’re Right
Apr 29The Five Stages
Apr 26Dramatic Sting
Apr 22Zinger
Apr 19Introduction Destruction
Apr 15Preparation is the Vaccination…
Apr 12Truth in Advertising
Apr 8Coveted Leftovers
Apr 5An Easter Joke, by Julia & Jaylene (Age 5)
Apr 1LOLdad
Mar 29Worth the Wait
Mar 25Ask a Canadian: Curling
Mar 22Prime Time Priorities
Mar 18While You Were Sleeping
Mar 15Extra-Strength
Mar 11Awakenings
Mar 8Out of this World
Mar 4Hairpun Turn
Mar 1Bring It On
Feb 25The Town Hall Meeting Scene
Feb 22Way Past Cool
Feb 10One Year Later…


Feb 19The Fantastic End of Dramatic Irony
Feb 16Evil Plots
Feb 12Temper Temper!
Feb 9Exact Change Only
Feb 5Secret 'Stash
Feb 2Please, call me Tom
Jan 29These Things Don't Curl Themselves Y'know
Jan 26. . . For Dummies
Jan 22Bad Hair… Life
Jan 19The Dark Knerd
Jan 15Bat-reavement
Jan 12Real Time
Jan 8It Happens to the Best of Us
Jan 5Resolutions
Jan 1That New Year Smell


Dec 29Ask a Canadian: Boxing Day
Dec 25Big Baby
Dec 22Speedy Delivery
Dec 18Big Rig
Dec 15Blowout
Dec 11Understudy
Dec 8Ring-a-Ding-Ding
Dec 4A Very Ronnie Christmas
Dec 1Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
Nov 27Job Prospector
Nov 24An Unexpected Party
Nov 20The Dawson Scale of Eructation
Nov 17Social Orienteering
Nov 13The Demands of Karma
Nov 101 Thing I Hate About You
Nov 6Missing Something
Nov 3Permanence
Oct 30On the Case
Oct 27The Candyman Can
Oct 23A Topical Halloween
Oct 20Horsies!
Oct 16King Me! – Guest strip by Lisa Ann Dulin
Oct 13Ask a Canadian: Metrics – Guest Strip by Dave Buist
Oct 9Reunion – Guest Strip by Ben Wilson
Oct 6Taco – Guest Strip by Matt Stout
Oct 2Gain – Guest Strip by Ray
Sep 29Just Deserts – Guest Strip by Cameron Davis
Sep 25Dancing with the Honk – Guest strip by Chris Flick
Sep 22Leavetakings
Sep 18Rub-a-dub-dub
Sep 15A Cherished Heritage
Sep 11Spawn
Sep 8Collectible Cup
Sep 4Houseguests
Sep 1Comfortably Fortified
Aug 28Brothers Are Weird
Aug 25Windcatchers
Aug 21Toasted
Aug 18Parents make the best catsitters
Aug 14On The Border
Aug 11Questionable Taste
Aug 7Porcelain Avenger
Aug 4Toxic Serendipity
Jul 31Cruel Accrual
Jul 28Ask a Canadian: Bacon is Serious Business, Friend.
Jul 24It Was a Very Good Year
Jul 21That Will Wash Right Out
Jul 17Serenity Now!
Jul 14Twiister Wiith a Twiist
Jul 10Meow Mix
Jul 7Burgertime
Jul 3Dark Dungeons
Jun 30Surprise!
Jun 26Durned Fool
Jun 23Action Toy Arena
Jun 19Backstabbers
Jun 16Collect
Jun 12What Dreams May Come
Jun 9Ronnie in the Sky with Diamonds
Jun 5Warning Label
Jun 2Sex and the City
May 29Mink is Murder
May 26Shoulder to the Wheel
May 22Inequitable Tactics
May 19Baby (Got) Back
May 15Burger Artist
May 12Onward and Upward
May 8Come Just As You Are
May 5Lookalike, She Wrote
May 1L'epilogue
Apr 28Headline News
Apr 24Promises Promises
Apr 21Mmmm… Baklava…
Apr 17How Magnanimous!
Apr 14A Pipe with a Piece of Wood Attached
Apr 10What a Steal!
Apr 7The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Said In My Life
Apr 3Principality Pressure
Mar 31The Devil On My Shoulder
Mar 27I'm Batman!
Mar 24Punk'd
Mar 20Policy Schmolicy
Mar 17The Shack
Mar 13The Longest Night of My Life
Mar 10Sushi Bombs
Mar 6Little People
Mar 3Four Strapping Lads
Feb 28Dainty Guys
Feb 25A Bit of the ol' Ultra-Gluttony
Feb 21Lost
Feb 18Ask a Canadian: Vive le Québec
Feb 14My Funny Valentine
Feb 11Lurve is a Many-Splendor'd Thing
Feb 7Dissimulation-Jitsu
Feb 4No Comment
Jan 31Old Boy's Club
Jan 28Head Voice
Jan 24With the right motivation…
Jan 21Sectional Harassment
Jan 17One Fabulous Dinner
Jan 14Shaken, Not Stirred
Jan 10Balance
Jan 7Hooded Justice!
Jan 3The Perfect Gift


Dec 31Early Bird Special
Dec 27Spice Girl
Dec 24Merry Christmas!
Dec 20The Prodigal Child Returns
Dec 17Of Courserous, Can't You?
Dec 13Hold the Relish
Dec 10Le digestif
Dec 6…and Judgement!
Dec 3Taste Testing
Nov 29Fettuccini Al Ronnie
Nov 26With relish
Nov 22Allez Cuisine!
Nov 19The Great Over/Under Debate
Nov 15Rebel Without a Dental Plan
Nov 12Gas Station Confidential
Nov 8The Chutes and Ladder Theory
Nov 5Ronnie es realmente liso!
Nov 1The Night Gwen Stacy… Reanimated?
Oct 29Friends! Help! A Guinea pig tricked me!
Oct 25I thought it was clever too!
Oct 22Boldly, Baldly Go
Oct 18She has that effect on people
Oct 15Ronnie At Large
Oct 11Eyes of the Kitty
Oct 8Ask a Canadian!
Oct 4Duke in Distress
Oct 1A kindle of kittens goes well with turkey
Sep 27Confessions of a Ninja
Sep 24Reality Bites
Sep 13Full Tang Inspiration
Sep 10Scott Kurtz is a heck of a guy!
Sep 6They're coming to take you away!
Sep 3Coefficient of Friction
Aug 30Who's up for a game of Calvinball?
Aug 27Don't talk with your mouth full, Ronnie!
Aug 23Even Steve… en
Aug 20Almost… Sensuous!
Aug 16Double Dipped
Aug 13Splish Splash!
Aug 9Spick n' Span
Aug 6Greetings
Aug 2Noah's Parking
Jul 30… But Made for a Woman!
Jul 26Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Jul 23Like A Rock
Jul 19Transliteratin’
Jul 16Honkrid
Jul 12Wax On, Wax Off
Jul 9With Great Power
Jul 5Meager Seniority
Jul 2Choose Your Own Adventure
Jun 28Appendiceal Rupture
Jun 25Lunch of Champions
Jun 21Refreshing!
Jun 18Sleeping On The Job
Jun 14Night Calls
Jun 11Cheaper By The Dozen
Jun 7Free Samples
Jun 4The Cupboard Was Bare
May 31More Than Meets the Eye
May 28Just Put it Down Anywhere
May 24You Can't Always Get What You Want
May 21Apartment Huntin'
May 17Didja hear the one about the suicide bomber?
May 14What A Revoltin' Development!
May 10Empty Nesters
May 7Honk if you love Honk!
May 3Me and JC? We tight, yo!
Apr 30Meet the Parents
Apr 26Introducing… Ronnie!