Chris and Tucker

Chris and Tucker

As I gear up for Ronnie’s big return on Monday, I just wanted to thank everyone for your patience over this past year’s “unofficial hiatus”. It’s been a crazy year, which included layoffs, moving across the country, and discovering that being a daddy is the best job I’ve ever had.

My apologies for just… leaving you all hanging. I toyed with the idea of just finishing off this storyline (it’s been basically fleshed out for a while) and then returning to it again when I could, but I knew if that happened I was unlikely to come back to it again at all. I really wanted to not come back unless I was ready to get back on a regular schedule.

Well, here we are. We’re back. :)

I won’t promise I’ll never be late getting a strip up, but I am working up a pretty decent buffer already, and really re-learning just how much I love doing this comic. I look forward to showing you all what I have in store for Ronnie and friends. A lot can happen in a year!

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  1. Bear

    Yes! I knew if I kept checking in you’d be back sooner or later.

    Great photo of you and your son!

  2. Dad


  3. Tovias

    Chris, it’s great to see you coming back. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to your return. I’ll be sure to post some linkage back to here on the 22nd.

  4. lisa


  5. CypherDragon

    YAY! The Sketch is back! Great picture of you and Tucker…ya’ll made a cute squishy! :)

  6. Dubiouss

    Great strip, I’ve been watching it, hoping it would come back.