Well, okay, my wife is actually having the baby. Many of you already knew this, but I thought I should spread the good news on here too. We’re due at the end of September. Yay! :-D

What a cutie, eh? Looks just like me.  Roll over for more wombtastic fetus action!

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  1. Maddin

    looks a bit like you ;)

  2. Chris

    I think the baby already has more hair than I do.

  3. Jonathan

    awww. :-)

  4. Samantha

    Wow, congratulations! He does look just like you!

  5. Kevin I

    Congratulations, I hope things go well!

  6. Bernie Fosnaugh

    Hi Chris,

    Hey I like your Ronnie! He’s a great character to base a comic on. I’ll keep reading it every week.
    It was good hanging with you at the wedding.

    See Ya,

    Bernie and Regi